First Colony Foundation Using Archaeology and Historical Research to Find Sir Walter Raleigh's Roanoke Island Colonies of the chief trees or posts at the right side of the entrance had the bark taken off, and 5 feet from the ground in fair capital letters was graven CROATOAN...  --John White, August 18,1590
In Search of the First Colony
An Archaeological Brief for Site X
Testing Continues at Site X
August 10, 2015
First Colony Foundation archaeologists continue work at "Site X," a location that has yielded Elizabethan-era artifacts and which may have been a colonial outpost built by the Roanoke Island colonists.
New Agreement with Park Service
July 10, 2015
Renewed partnership will support archaeological research and hopefully lead to important new discoveries.
First Colony Foundation Presents Research at London Conference
July 9, 2015
Paper presented on newly-discovered document seeking money for 1585 Roanoke expedition.
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